Enjoy The Natural Splendor Of Petit Jean State Park

Petit Jean State Park, located in central Arkansas, is a natural wonderland that offers various outdoor activities for visitors of all ages. This stunning state park, spread over 3,471 acres, is home to beautiful landscapes, unique geological formations, and an abundance of wildlife. In this article, we will take a closer look at what makes Petit Jean State Park so special, the things to see and do, and why it should be on your list of must-visit destinations.

History of Petit Jean State Park

Before we dive into the park’s natural wonders, let’s take a brief look at its history. The park was named after a legendary French girl, Petit Jean, who disguised herself as a man to accompany her lover, a French explorer, to the New World. According to the legend, Petit Jean died of an illness during the expedition. She was buried on the mountain that now bears her name, and her grave can still be visited today.

In the 1920s, Petit Jean State Park was established as the first state park in Arkansas. It quickly became a popular destination due to its natural beauty and proximity to Little Rock, the state’s capital city.

The Natural Wonders of Petit Jean State Park

Petit Jean State Park is nestled in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains and is known for its natural beauty and unique geological formations. The park is home to several breathtaking natural wonders, including:

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls is the park’s most well-known attraction, and for good reason. The waterfall cascades 95 feet down into a beautiful canyon, surrounded by towering trees and rocky cliffs. There are several viewing platforms to see the falls and a trail that leads down to the bottom.

Rock House Cave

Rock House Cave is a unique geological formation that was once home to Native Americans. The cave is a natural shelter formed by a massive rock overhang. It is now open to the public and provides a fascinating glimpse into the life of the people who once lived here.

Bear Cave

Bear Cave is another cave attraction that visitors can explore. The cave is not very deep, but it is home to several species of bats. There is a viewing platform that provides a close-up view of the bats.

Petit Jean Mountain

Petit Jean Mountain is the park’s namesake and the highest point in the area, standing at 1,119 feet. Visitors can drive or hike to the mountain’s summit and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Outdoor Activities

Petit Jean State Park offers something for everyone in terms of outdoor activities. From hiking and cycling to fishing and boating, here are some of the park’s top outdoor activities:


The park has over 20 miles of trails, ranging from short nature trails to longer, more challenging hikes. The Cedar Falls Trail is a popular choice, offering a beautiful view of the falls at the end.


Cycling is also popular in the park, and there are several paved and unpaved trails that cyclists can explore. The CCC Hike & Bike Trail is a 12-mile loop that takes visitors through the park’s beautiful woodland and offers stunning views of the lake.

Fishing and Boating

Petit Jean State Park is home to Lake Bailey, a 170-acre lake that is perfect for fishing and boating. The lake is stocked with bass, catfish, and bream, and visitors can rent boats and fishing equipment from the park’s marina.

Camping and Accommodations

Petit Jean State Park has a range of accommodation options, from camping to cabins and lodges. There are over 130 campsites, including improved and primitive sites, that are open year-round. The park’s cabins and lodges offer all the comforts of home, with amenities like kitchens and fireplaces.


Petit Jean State Park is a natural wonderland full of unique geological formations, stunning landscapes, and exciting outdoor activities. Whether you are looking to hike to a waterfall, explore a cave, or just relax by a lake, this park is the perfect destination. From its history to its natural beauty, Petit Jean State Park truly has something for everyone.

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