Learn About The Civil War At Pea Ridge National Military Park


Pea Ridge National Military Park is a historical landmark located in northwest Arkansas, that commemorates the Battle of Pea Ridge fought in 1862 during the Civil War. The site provides an opportunity to learn about the history of one of the most important military campaigns that took place in the Midwestern region of the United States during the Civil War era.

History of Pea Ridge

The Battle of Pea Ridge was fought in late February and early March of 1862, and it was the most significant land encounter of the war that took place west of the Mississippi River. The Confederate Army, under the leadership of General Earl Van Dorn, aimed to take control of Missouri and advance northward. The Union Army, led by General Samuel Curtis, attempted to stop the Confederate advances. The Union Army achieved victory at Pea Ridge, which crippled the Confederate Army’s ambitions to expand their control west of the Mississippi River.

The Park

Pea Ridge National Military Park is a 4,300 acre park that contains various features that provide insight into the Battle of Pea Ridge. Visitors to the park can explore the battlefield, tour historical homes, and hike around the park trails that lead to several important sites.

Visitor Center

The visitor center has a wide variety of exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays that detail the history of the battle. Staff members are available to answer any questions visitors have, provide information, and give guided tours of the park.

Elkhorn Tavern Museum

Elkhorn Tavern was a key location in the Battle of Pea Ridge, and it now serves as a museum that displays artifacts and details about the battle. The museum provides a look into the lives of soldiers who fought at Pea Ridge, including their uniforms, equipment, and living conditions.

Hiking Trails

The park has several hiking trails that lead visitors to important sites located throughout the park. The trails are marked with signs, and visitors can explore on their own or join guided tours. One of the most popular hikes that visitors enjoy is the "Bloody Hill Trail," which takes visitors to the Confederate line where much of the heaviest fighting took place.

Historical Homes

The park features a few historical homes that visitors can tour, including the Ford Home. The Ford Home played a crucial role in the Battle of Pea Ridge, and is now a historic landmark where visitors can learn about the lives and times of residents of the time.


Pea Ridge National Military Park is an important historical site that provides visitors with a wealth of information about the Civil War era. The park offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the Battle of Pea Ridge and its significance in the broader context of the Civil War. From the hiking trails that lead through the park to the historical homes that preserve the region’s history, Pea Ridge National Military Park offers a fascinating glimpse into one of the most important events in American history. So, if you ever want to explore and learn about the Civil War, make sure to visit the Pea Ridge National Military Park.

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