Take A Ghost Tour In Haunted Eureka Springs

If you’re someone who loves a good thrill, an adventure seeker, or someone who’s into paranormal activity, you should plan to take a Ghost Tour in Haunted Eureka Springs. Eureka Springs is a picturesque Victorian town in the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas’s scenic wonderland. It offers some of the best ghostly haunts in America and has a chilling history that dates back to the Civil War era.

The History of Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs, located in northwest Arkansas, boasts a rich and vibrant history. The town itself was founded in the 1800s with a population of only 250 individuals. It was rumored that the water from the springs had healing properties, and as a result, the population of the town grew dramatically in the years that followed. However, Eureka Springs was struck by several disasters, including flood, fire, and disease epidemics that caused the town to lose more than half of its population. Eureka Springs’ legacy appears to have stayed forevermore, with haunted tales of eerie sightings, paranormal happenings, and apparitional sightings of the town’s foregone residents.

Haunted Places in Eureka Springs

The Crescent Hotel, Basin Park Hotel, and Gavioli Chapel are some of the most haunted places in Eureka Springs.

The Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs is not only one of Arkansas’s most historic hotels, but it’s also one of the state’s most haunted. This building has had many occupants since it was built 1886, from a luxurious hotel to hospital operated by quacks for patients with cancer. Paranormal investigations have identified at least eight ghosts which haunt the premises. From a sneaky, stray feline to a lady who died in a bathtub, to a worker who lost his head in an elevator shaft after a dreadful fall to his death.

Basin Park Hotel

The Basin Park Hotel is also known to be home to many restless spirits. It was built in early 1900, and both the staff and guests of the hotel have reported strange occurrences in different parts of the building. The old morgue, now a hotel storeroom, has been said to be haunted by a tall man with a black coat, while other witnesses have often described the smell of cigar smoke in different areas around the building and heavy footsteps heard pacing in the hallway.

Gavioli Chapel

While attending a ghost tour in Eureka Springs, you will learn about the 1886 wood and stone structure called the Gavioli Chapel that converted into a two-bedroom suite. Over the years, it has developed a reputation for being one of the haunted sites in Eureka Springs. Hotel staff and guests have often seen an apparitional Lady in a Victorian gown and heard heavy footsteps in the room. Additionally, many people have claimed to see strange movements in photos of the room taken with a camera.

Taking a Ghost Tour

A guided ghost tour of Eureka Springs is an action-packed way to learn the history behind the town’s supernatural ambiance. Eureka Springs Ghost Tours offers different types of tours, including tours of old cemeteries, underground tunnels, and many more. Each ghost tour guide is a certified paranormal investigator with vast knowledge of the town’s eerie past. Not only will the tour take you to some of the town’s spookiest sites, but you’ll also learn about the dark and sometimes horrific stories that accompany them.


Eureka Springs is a town with many interesting stories to tell, and it also happens to be one of the most active paranormal towns in America. So, why not take a ghost tour of haunted Eureka Springs for some fun-filled thrill? You’ll learn so much about the ghosts and ghouls of Eureka Springs, and you might even go home with your very own ghost stories to tell.

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