Exploring Colorado’s Silverton Mountain


Colorado is a state famous for its majestic mountain landscapes and diverse wildlife. It is also known for its numerous ski resorts that attract visitors from around the globe. One of the most beautiful and thrilling ski resorts in Colorado is Silverton Mountain, located in San Juan County.

Location and History

Silverton Mountain is located in the beautiful San Juan Mountains near Silverton, Colorado. The resort is situated on 1,819 acres of land and is known for its rugged terrain, steep slopes, and deep powder. The mountain was originally owned by the mining company, Shenandoah-Dives Mining Company and was used for mining operations until the mid-1990s. In 2002, the mountain was reopened as a ski area by Jen Brill and Aaron Brill.

Terrain and Lifts

Silverton Mountain is known for its challenging terrain, with an elevation of 12,300 feet at the summit offering skiers and snowboarders an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. The resort features one chairlift, which is designed to accommodate only one group or individual at a time. The lift is a double-seater and can transport up to 80 skiers and snowboarders per day.

Skiing and Riding Experience

Silverton Mountain is suitable for expert skiers and snowboarders who want to challenge themselves with steep terrain, powder, and backcountry skiing. The mountain offers untracked skiing and riding with a variety of chutes, bowls, and tree runs. Skiers and snowboarders must have a guide to access the mountain, but once on the slopes, they can enjoy the breathtaking views and the adrenaline rush that comes with skiing or snowboarding in the San Juan Mountains.


Silverton Mountain also offers guided heliskiing tours to skiers and snowboarders from December to April. The tours allow skiers and snowboarders to access remote terrain in the San Juan Mountains and enjoy some breathtaking scenery. The tours are guided and are only available to experienced skiers and snowboarders, as they require the ability to ski or ride in deep powder and steep terrain.


Silverton Mountain has limited facilities compared to other ski resorts as it focuses on offering visitors an authentic backcountry skiing experience. The mountain does, however, have a warming hut where visitors can warm up and enjoy hot drinks and sandwiches. The mountain also offers ski rental and repair services, and visitors can purchase equipment, clothing, and accessories at the mountain’s retail shop.


Silverton Mountain is a unique ski resort that offers an authentic backcountry skiing experience that you cannot find at many other ski resorts. The resort’s challenging terrain and limited facilities are what make it a favorite among extreme skiers and snowboarders. If you are an experienced skier or snowboarder looking for an adventure and the ultimate skiing experience, Silverton Mountain is a must-visit destination.

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