A Guide To Delaware’s Best Ski Resorts

Are you looking for thrilling skiing experiences in Delaware? With its undulating countryside and beautiful snowy terrain, Delaware has become a top destination for avid snow sports enthusiasts. The state’s ski resorts offer incredible activities and amenities that will make your winter vacation unforgettable. Here are some of the best ski resorts in Delaware.

1. Killington Ski Resort

Killington Ski Resort is undoubtedly one of the top skiing resorts in the region. Located in the heart of Green Mountain, the resort is home to the highest peak in Vermont. The resort offers 155 trails, 22 miles of snow-covered slopes, and 3,000 feet of vertical drop. You can ski and ride in fresh snow on winding trails designed for beginners, intermediates, and advanced skiers. The resort is open from November to May, making it a perfect destination to escape cold winter days.

The resort also offers other winter sports like ice-skating, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Killington Ski Resort is a mecca for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, and it is a must-visit if you are in Delaware.

2. Sugarbush Resort

Sugarbush Resort is another incredible skiing destination to explore in Delaware. The resort spans two peaks and features 92 downhill ski trails. Sugarbush Resort’s terrain includes challenging expert runs, enticing intermediate slopes, and beginner trails, a great combination for skiers of all abilities.

The resort’s snowmaking and grooming assure snow coverage and excellent ski conditions even during the warmer months. You can also enjoy winter activities like snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and ice fishing at the resort. The resort is open for skiing from November to April, giving you plenty of time to take advantage of the fresh snowfall.

3. Mount Snow Resort

Mount Snow Resort is another renowned skiing resort to visit in Delaware. Located in the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont, the resort features breathtaking views and vast ski trails for skiers to explore. Mount Snow Resort has 86 skiing trails that cater to all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned skiers.

The resort also has extensive snowmaking capabilities, so you can expect superb snow conditions anytime you visit. Mount Snow Resort has excellent amenities, including a spa, fitness center, and restaurants. The resort is open from November to April, making it an excellent place to escape the winter blues.

4. Jay Peak Resort

For an exciting skiing adventure, visit Jay Peak Resort in Delaware. Situated in Vermont, Jay Peak Resort offers skiers over 385 inches of annual snowfall across 135 ski trails, making it a top destination for serious snow enthusiasts. The resort has an excellent range of beginner terrain, intermediate slopes, and challenging expert runs, making it ideal for skiers of all ability levels.

Jay Peak Resort is open from November to April and features great amenities, including an indoor water park, ice arena, and multiple restaurants. The resort also boasts luxurious condos, townhouses, and hotel suites to cater to your lodging needs.

5. Bromley Mountain Resort

Bromley Mountain Resort is another popular skiing resort located in the southernmost part of Vermont. The resort offers skiers an array of skiing and snowboarding opportunities, with 47 trails that cater to all skill levels. The resort is known for its excellent facilities, including the Bromley Snowsports School for skiing and snowboarding lessons.

Bromley Mountain Resort is open from November to April and features other winter activities like tubing, snowmobiling, and ice-skating. The resort also has beautiful mountain lodges, restaurants, and bars where you can unwind after an exhilarating day on the slopes.


Delaware’s skiing resorts offer incredible winter activities and excellent amenities, making them the perfect winter getaway for any snow sports enthusiast. Be sure to visit one or all of these skiing resorts this winter season and enjoy an unforgettable skiing and snowboarding experience. So pack your gear, hop in the car, and head over to Delaware’s amazing skiing resorts for a skiing adventure like no other.

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