A Guide to the Best Art Galleries in Delaware

Delaware may be a small state, but it’s packed with incredible art galleries. With a vibrant and diverse art scene, art lovers can explore a range of galleries showcasing everything from contemporary and modern art to traditional and classical works. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the best art galleries in Delaware.

Delaware Art Museum

The Delaware Art Museum is without a doubt one of the best art destinations in the state. Founded in 1912, the museum is home to an impressive collection of American art, with a particular focus on the works of Wilmington-born artists Howard Pyle and N.C. Wyeth. Visitors can also enjoy exhibitions of contemporary and modern art, as well as a selection of works from other countries.

For contemporary art aficionados, Blue Streak Gallery in Wilmington is a must-visit. This artist-owned and operated gallery features a rotating selection of paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works by regional and national artists. You may find something new every time you visit, and the gallery staff are always happy to discuss the pieces and help you find the perfect artwork for your collection.

The Station Gallery in Greenville is a family-owned art gallery that has been showcasing top-notch art for over four decades. The gallery features a wide-ranging collection of contemporary and traditional paintings, sculptures, and works on paper, with a focus on local and regional artists. In addition to regular exhibitions, the gallery also hosts community events and workshops to promote artistic education.

Located in downtown Wilmington, Carspecken-Scott Gallery is one of the most respected and prestigious galleries in Delaware. With rotating exhibitions of contemporary art that span all mediums, including painting, photography, and sculpture, the gallery is a must-visit for art lovers in the state. The gallery has a particular focus on emerging artists, ensuring that visitors can discover exciting new talent.

The Delaware Contemporary

Formerly known as the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, The Delaware Contemporary is a contemporary art museum located in Wilmington. With a focus on interactive exhibitions and installations, the museum showcases the work of local and international contemporary artists. Visitors can enjoy exhibitions that blur the line between art and technology, as well as workshops and events designed to engage visitors with the art.

Situated in Lewes, the historic district of Delaware, the Peninsula Gallery is a charming gallery showcasing a wide range of traditional and contemporary art. The gallery features a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and printmaking. Peninsula Gallery is particularly known for its curated exhibitions of contemporary landscape paintings.

Biggs Museum of American Art

Located in Dover, the Biggs Museum of American Art is a hidden gem for art lovers in the state. The museum features a variety of art styles and mediums, ranging from the colonial period to the present day. With a particular focus on Delaware and regional artists, the museum is a must-visit destination for those interested in the history of American art.


Delaware may be the second smallest state in the U.S, but it punches above its weight when it comes to art and culture. From contemporary to traditional, Delaware’s art galleries offer something for every taste and budget. Whether you’re a serious collector or simply interested in exploring the art scene in the state, you’re sure to find something to inspire you at these top galleries.

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