Georgia’s Best Waterfalls: A Guide To The Most Majestic Natural Wonders

Georgia, known for its beautiful moonshine hills and historic charm, is also home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls. From towering cascades to hidden gems, visitors can find an abundance of natural beauty offered by Mother Nature. In this guide, we will explore the best waterfalls that Georgia has to offer.

Amicalola Falls

Located in Dawsonville, Amicalola Falls is the tallest cascading waterfall located in the southeastern United States, with a height of over 700 feet. Visitors can hike the trail to the top of the falls, offering exceptional views of the nearby mountains. This trail is not for the faint-hearted. It may require endurance and stamina, but it is worth it for the view. The park also offers relaxation with picnic areas and campgrounds overlooking the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls is located in the Chattahoochee National Forest near Helen. This waterfall is truly a hidden gem, and a scenic drive through the beautiful mountain landscape leads you straight to this natural wonder. The falls’ beauty could be seen from the observation deck, and a moderate hike leads to the base of the falls that is relatively easy for the majority of individuals. This waterfall is a photographer’s dream for its mesmerizing stream of water flowing down the rocks amid lush green surroundings.

Ruby Falls

Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Ruby Falls could not be excluded from this list of Georgia’s best waterfalls as it offers breathtaking views and a natural attraction that one should not miss. Journey through Lookout Mountain and explore this underground waterfall. Descend into the cave shaft via an elevator that takes you 1,200 feet beneath the mountain and marvel in the beauty of the natural waterfall that cascades down the rocks. The experience is enhanced by the ambiance created with the visually stunning lighting through the cave.

Tallulah Falls

Located just outside of Tallulah Falls in the Tallulah Gorge State Park, this waterfall is a testament to the power of nature. The falls drop over 150 feet through six cascades, making it an observer’s dream. Visitors can take on a challenging hike through the park’s North Georgia mountains or a more leisurely walk that offers stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains. The park also offers hands-on camping experience, picnic spots, and a variety of adventure-driven activities, including zip lines and paddleboarding.

Panther Creek Falls

In Clarkesville, the Panther Creek Falls is a hidden gem located in the Chattahoochee National Forest. The trail leading to the falls is 3.5 miles long and zigzags up a mountain ridge, offering hikers a beautiful landscape with eerie shadows of the trees and mountain tops. Visitors can follow the dirt path to the bottom of the falls and explore the cool water that is perfect for a hot summer day. The Panther Creek Falls trail has a moderate rating, making it accessible to all who enjoy a good hike.


Georgia’s natural waterfalls offer an exceptional array of experiences that cater to different interests. From hiking challenges that reward you with striking waterfalls to caves that take you 1,200 feet deep into the earth’s crust, Georgia packs so much natural beauty in the heart of the southern United States. So, if you’re in Georgia or planning a visit, don’t miss out on these natural wonders and take a moment to marvel in the beauty of these magnificent falls.

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