The Art Of Georgia: The Best Museums And Galleries For Art Lovers

Georgia is a country rich in history, culture, and art. Its artistic heritage dates back to ancient times when Georgian script was created and the country became one of the first to adopt Christianity. Today, Georgia’s contributions to the art world are vast and diverse, with vibrant contemporary art scenes and a plethora of traditional folk art. Here are some of the best museums and galleries for art lovers to discover the art of Georgia.

Georgian National Museum

The Georgian National Museum is a state-owned museum network that features various exhibitions on history, archaeology, and art. Visitors can explore different branches of the museum scattered throughout the country, including the Georgian National Museum of Arts, located in the capital city Tbilisi. The museum houses a vast collection of Georgian art from the medieval period to the present day. The permanent exhibition offers a detailed look into the development of Georgian art, with works being displayed in chronological order. The collection includes paintings, sculptures, and a wide variety of decorative art.

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts, located in Tbilisi, is home to a significant collection of Georgian art, including some of the most famous works of Georgian painters. Here, visitors can explore the evolution of Georgian art, from medieval icons to contemporary art, with paintings from both Georgian and foreign artists. The museum also focuses on exhibiting works by Georgian artists who are not well-represented in the art world.

Georgian Museum of Modern Art

Opened in 2012, the Georgian Museum of Modern Art is a contemporary art museum located in Tbilisi. It aims to showcase Georgia’s young and emerging artists while providing a platform for exchange between Georgian and international artists. The museum organizes a wide range of temporary exhibitions, including painting, photography, video, and sculpture. The museum’s exhibitions offer an exciting opportunity for visitors to explore the diverse range of contemporary art in Georgia.

The TBC Gallery is an art gallery located in Tbilisi. The gallery hosts exhibitions of contemporary art by Georgian and international artists. The TBC Gallery is known for being experimental with its displays, and they produce some of the most exciting exhibitions in Georgia. The gallery offers a dynamic art program, including video art, installation, and experimental sculpture.


Artisterium is a contemporary art exhibition, which brings together international and Georgian artists in Tbilisi. This annual event features work by local artists and an international exchange programme, emphasizing transnational artistic collaboration. Artisterium is a unique opportunity to experience works by emerging and established artists from Georgia and the wider region.

Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia

The Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia is another branch of the Georgian National Museum, focusing on the history and archaeology of Georgia. However, the museum also houses a collection of Georgian art from the Byzantine and medieval periods. The museum’s collection includes icons and frescoes from Georgia’s ancient Orthodox churches and monasteries. These works of art are still of great importance in Georgian culture and represent Georgian Orthodox Christianity’s rich history and cultural heritage.

Shalva Amiranashvili Museum of Georgian Folk Art

The Shalva Amiranashvili Museum of Georgian Folk Art is located in Tbilisi and showcases traditional Georgian folk art, including textiles, ceramics, jewelry, and metalwork. The museum exhibits include objects from different regions of Georgia, providing a unique insight into the traditions of Georgia’s many communities.

Named after the famous artist David Kakabadze, this Tbilisi art gallery exhibits Georgian art ranging from the early 20th century to modern times. It’s well known for hosting exhibitions of Georgian impressionist and expressionist art.


Georgia is home to a rich and diverse artistic heritage, and many museums and galleries throughout the country offer visitors a chance to experience the country’s art and culture. From traditional Georgian folk art to contemporary works by emerging artists, Georgia has something to offer every art lover. Whether you are visiting Tbilisi or one of the many other cities in Georgia, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s art scene.

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