A Guide To Hawaii’s Top Sunbathing Spots

If you are a sun seeker looking for a perfect beach destination, Hawaii, without a doubt, is one of the places to be. The state of Hawaii boasts of over 750 miles of stunning coastal landscapes, which are ideal for sunbathing and beach activities.

Whether you are looking for white sandy beaches, rocky shores, or just a cozy spot under the sun, there is something for everyone. Here is a guide of the top sunbathing spots in Hawaii.

1. Waikiki Beach

Most tourists who visit Hawaii make Waikiki Beach their first stop. This popular beach is located in Honolulu and covers approximately 2 miles of coastline. The beach has stunning golden sand and crystal clear waters, making it perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Besides sunbathing, one can also enjoy surfing and boogie boarding.

2. Kaanapali Beach

Located on Maui’s western shore, Kaanapali Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Hawaii. The beach boasts of stunning white sand, crystal clear waters, and a spectacular view of Lahaina town. Kaanapali Beach has a vast shoreline that provides enough space for sunbathing and beach activities such as snorkeling and surf lessons.

3. Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach, located in Oahu, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is famous for its calm and clear waters, making it perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The beach is relatively small, making it less crowded, providing a serene environment for sun worshippers.

4. Hapuna Beach

Hapuna beach, located on the Big Island, is a 1/2 mile long beach that boasts of fine white sand and crystal clear blue waters. The beach is relatively wide, providing plenty of space for sunbathing. Other beach activities include snorkeling and swimming.

5. Polihale Beach

Polihale Beach is a remote beach located in Kauai that offers a serene and tranquil environment for sunbathing. The beach has over 17 miles of white sand and offers a spectacular view of the Na Pali coast. However, getting to the beach can be quite challenging as you have to navigate through a dirt road.

6. Koki Beach

Koki beach, located in Maui, is a small rocky beach that offers a unique sunbathing experience. The beach has black sand, which is relatively hot and perfect for beach activities such as sunbathing and swimming. The beach is also famous for its unique rock formations, which make it an ideal spot for photography.

7. Kailua Beach

Kailua beach, located in Oahu, is a 1.5 mile long beach that offers a fantastic sunbathing experience. The beach has fine white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and wind surfing.

8. Ke’e Beach

Ke’e Beach, located in Kauai, is a beautiful beach encircled by lush vegetation. The beach has clear shallow waters, making it perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Snorkelers and scuba divers can enjoy the many coral formations and marine wildlife.

9. Kapalua Bay Beach

Kapalua Bay Beach, located in Maui, is a stunning beach surrounded by towering palm trees. The beach has warm turquoise waters, making it perfect for sunbathing. The beach is also famous for its coral reefs and marine wildlife such as turtles.

10. Anini Beach

Located in Kauai, Anini Beach is a secluded beach that offers a tranquil environment for sunbathing. The beach is surrounded by fir trees and has turquoise waters that offer a perfect view for sunrises and sunsets. The beach is also famous for its coral reefs and marine life.

Final thoughts

Hawaii is one of the best places to soak up the sun and enjoy beach activities. The above-discussed sunbathing spots offer unique experiences, from white to black sand beaches, clear to blue waters. Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with family, Hawaii has something for everyone.

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