Enjoy Hawaii’s Top Beachfront Ice Cream Shops

When it comes to tropical paradises and beautiful beaches, Hawaii is at the top of the list. It’s no surprise, then, that some of the island’s best treats are served up right on the shore. From traditional Hawaiian shave ice to artisanal ice cream, these beachfront ice cream shops are sure to provide you with sweet and refreshing treats to enjoy during your island getaway.

Island Vintage Shave Ice

Located in the heart of Waikiki, Island Vintage Shave Ice is known for its all-natural and locally sourced ingredients. Their shave ice is light, fluffy, and oh-so-refreshing, making it a perfect treat to cool off on a hot day. With flavors ranging from classic Hawaiian options like passionfruit and pineapple to more unique offerings like Lilikoi (passionfruit) Cream and Kona Coffee, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Lappert’s Hawaii

Started in Kauai, Lappert’s Hawaii has grown into a popular ice cream chain with locations throughout the islands. Their premium ice cream is made with high-quality ingredients, including Kona coffee, macadamia nuts, and Hawaiian vanilla. They also have a wide range of flavors to choose from, including some unique options such as Kauai Pie (coffee ice cream with macadamia nuts, chocolate fudge, and coconut flakes) and Hawaiian Sea Salt Caramel. With several beachfront locations, including one in the beautiful town of Hanalei, Lappert’s Hawaii is a must-visit on any Hawaiian vacation.

Waiola Shave Ice

For a more traditional Hawaiian shave ice experience, head to Waiola Shave Ice in Honolulu. This shop has been serving up delicious shave ice for over 70 years, and it’s still a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Their shave ice is made with pure cane sugar and flavored syrups, and they offer a wide range of flavors (over 40 to choose from). Some popular combinations include Li Hing Mui (sour plum) and Mango, or Pineapple and Coconut.

The Scoop

Located on the North Shore of Oahu, The Scoop is a charming ice cream shop that offers handmade ice cream in a variety of flavors. Some of their unique offerings include Hawaiian Honey, Mango with Li Hing Mui (a popular Hawaiian snack made from dried salted plums), and Chocolate Haupia (a coconut milk-based dessert). Along with their beachfront location, The Scoop is also known for their friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere – perfect for a casual afternoon treat.

Heavenly Island Lifestyle

Located in Lahaina on the island of Maui, Heavenly Island Lifestyle is a popular spot for artisanal ice cream. Made with locally sourced ingredients, their ice cream comes in a variety of flavors, including Hawaiian Salted Caramel, Pineapple Passionfruit Sorbet, and Haupia (a traditional coconut milk-based dessert). With a location right on the beach, Heavenly Island Lifestyle also offers beautiful views of the ocean while you enjoy your sweet treat.


No matter where you go in Hawaii, there’s always a great ice cream shop nearby. Whether you’re looking for traditional Hawaiian shave ice or artisanal ice cream made with local ingredients, these beachfront shops are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. So the next time you’re on the island, be sure to stop by one of these top ice cream destinations and indulge in a refreshing treat by the water.

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