From Farm To Table: Touring Indiana’s Best Farm-to-Fork Restaurants

As people become more conscious of the food they eat, farm-to-fork (also known as farm-to-table) dining has become increasingly popular. Farm-to-fork restaurants emphasize locally sourced ingredients and promote sustainable agricultural practices. In Indiana, there are several restaurants that stand out in their commitment to serving farm-fresh food. This article will take a look at some of the best farm-to-fork restaurants in Indiana.

What is Farm-to-Fork Dining?

Farm-to-fork restaurants prioritize sourcing ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. The idea is to support local businesses while also promoting sustainable agriculture practices and reducing the environmental impact of transportation. Many farm-to-fork restaurants also have gardens or partnerships with local farms to grow their own produce. This ensures that the ingredients used in the restaurant are fresh and in season.

The Best Farm-to-Fork Restaurants in Indiana

Public Greens

Public Greens is a farm-to-fork restaurant located in Indianapolis. The restaurant is part of the Patachou family of restaurants and is committed to using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant also has its own microfarm where they grow herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers. In addition to serving delicious food, Public Greens also operates as a community kitchen and donates a portion of their profits to help fund local food initiatives.


Bluebeard, located in Indianapolis, is a farm-to-fork restaurant that focuses on serving dishes made with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. The restaurant features a menu that changes frequently based on the availability of seasonal ingredients. Bluebeard also has its own garden where they grow their own herbs and produce. The restaurant is committed to reducing food waste and has a “nose-to-tail” philosophy when it comes to using all parts of the animals they serve.

Joseph Decuis

Located in Roanoke, Joseph Decuis is a farm-to-fork restaurant that proudly serves Wagyu beef from their own farm. The restaurant also sources ingredients from local farmers and suppliers to create a menu that changes with the seasons. Joseph Decuis has a focus on sustainability and strives to maintain a low carbon footprint. The restaurant also offers guests the unique opportunity to take a tour of their farm.

The Locavore

The Locavore is a farm-to-fork restaurant located in Daleville. The restaurant’s philosophy is centered around using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. The Locavore has partnerships with several Indiana farms to provide ingredients for their menu. The restaurant also has a focus on craft beer and serves several Indiana-made brews. The Locavore’s commitment to local ingredients extends beyond the food to the restaurant’s decor, which features furniture made by Indiana artisans.

Red Feather

Red Feather is a farm-to-fork restaurant located in Fort Wayne. The restaurant has a menu that changes with the seasons and uses only the freshest ingredients available. Red Feather also has a commitment to sustainable practices and has installed energy-efficient appliances and solar panels. The restaurant features several vegetarian and vegan options, as well as locally sourced meats and seafood.


Farm-to-fork dining is an important movement that emphasizes sustainable agriculture practices and supports local farmers and suppliers. In Indiana, there are several restaurants that stand out in their commitment to serving fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Whether you’re in Indianapolis or Fort Wayne, there’s a farm-to-fork restaurant for you to try. Check out one of these top Indiana restaurants to experience the delicious flavors of the state’s fresh, seasonal ingredients.

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