Discovering The Natural Beauty Of The Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike And Hike Trail


For nature enthusiasts, the Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike and Hike Trail in Kentucky, USA, is a hidden gem that offers scenic views and historic landmarks. It is the perfect destination for anyone looking to spend time with their family and friends, biking or hiking through beautiful natural surroundings.


The railroad section of the trail was initially used during the 1800s to transport tourists to Mammoth Cave, one of the oldest tourist attractions in the United States. Visitors would board a train powered by steam engines and journey through a lush forest. Since the 1990s, the railway tracks have been rehabilitated, and the trail is now open to the public.

Length and Location

The Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike and Hike Trail is about 9 miles long and located in the Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. The trail’s head is in Stearns, Kentucky, and runs through several historic sites, including two railroad bridges, several tunnels, and a former station.

Biking The Trail

The bike trail is relatively flat, making it suitable for both experienced and novice bikers. However, it is always best to bring a bike that is in good condition, as the trail can be bumpy at times.

Along the way, bikers will pass through rich forests, breathtaking rock formations, and beautiful creeks. The trail offers bikers several places to stop and rest, including benches and picnic areas that provide fantastic views of the surrounding nature.

Hiking The Trail

The hiking trail is adjacent to the bike trail. It is an even more immersive way to explore the natural beauty of the Mammoth Cave National Park, as the slower pace allows hikers to interact more closely with nature’s beauty.

Hikers will be treated to an array of natural features, including underground rivers, towering rock formations, and lush gardens. The trail features several hiking routes of varying lengths, meaning hikers of all fitness levels can enjoy the hike. It is essential to wear comfortable hiking shoes and to bring sunscreen and plenty of water.


The Mammoth Cave National Park is home to a diverse range of wildlife. Visitors may encounter several animal species while biking or hiking the trail. The region has a vast population of deer, wild turkey, foxes, and coyotes. Those who visit during the spring may spot colorful birds such as warblers, blue jays, and cardinals. The infamous Mammoth Cave Bat is also known to reside within the park’s caves.


The Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike and Hike Trail has long been a hidden gem within the Mammoth Cave National Park. The trail offers breathtaking views, with several historic sites that transport visitors to a bygone era. Whether you are a seasoned biker or a newbie hiker, the Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike and Hike Trail is an excellent choice for a sustainable travel destination. Visitors can enjoy natural beauty while taking in the rich and storied history of the park.

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