Best Places to Go Sledding in Nebraska

Winter is a magical time of the year in Nebraska. With its beautiful snow-capped hills and crisp, clear skies, the state offers a breathtaking winter wonderland. But, what’s a wintertime adventure without sledding? Nebraskans know how to have fun in the snow, and they have the perfect spots to prove it. In this article, we’ll explore the top places to go sledding in Nebraska.

1. Elmwood Park, Omaha

Elmwood Park is a favorite destination for outdoor activities, including sledding. This park is located in the heart of Omaha, making it accessible to everyone. You’ll find multiple slopes and hills of varying difficulty levels. Families with children often prefer the gentle hill at the park’s east end because it’s safe and easy. Meanwhile, thrill-seeking adventurers can try the steep slopes at the park’s west end.

2. Mahoney State Park, Ashland

Mahoney State Park offers a variety of winter activities, and sledding is one of the most popular. There are two sledding hills in the park: a smaller one near the playground and a larger one near the ice skating rink. The main hill is long, steep, and suitable for both kids and adults. Apart from that, you can experience the park’s indoor and outdoor activities, scenic beauty, and comfortable lodging facilities.

3. Pioneers Park, Lincoln

Located in Lincoln, Pioneers Park is one of Nebraska’s largest parks. During winter, the park becomes a snow-covered wonderland, perfect for various outdoor activities, including sledding. Pioneers Park has several excellent sledding spots for people of all ages. The hill on the north side of the park is the steepest, and most adventurous visitors prefer it. It’s best to bring your sled because the park doesn’t offer rentals.

4. Oak Lake Park, Lincoln

Oak Lake Park is a great place for a family sledding adventure. Located near the neighborhood of College View, the park offers a peaceful and scenic environment for visitors to have an enjoyable sledding experience. There are small and medium-sized hills in the park, perfect for younger children who aren’t quite ready for the bigger slopes. You can also enjoy a hot cup of cocoa or coffee and snacks at the park’s concession stand located at the bottom of one of the hills.

5. Wilderness Park, Lincoln

Located on the southern edge of Lincoln, Wilderness Park is another ideal sledding destination in Nebraska. The park features vast, undulating hills that attract many adventurous sledders. The park is mostly a wilderness area, so visitors often come with heavy-duty sleds for maximum thrills. If you are looking for a low-key sledding experience with younger children, the hills near the parking lot are gentle, so you can enjoy safe sledding.

6. Gene Leahy Mall, Omaha

Gene Leahy Mall located in the heart of downtown Omaha is a lovely spot filled with festive lights and exciting outdoor activities during winter. One of the most popular winter activities at the Mall is sledding. The sledding hill is large and gently sloping, making it ideal for younger children. When the sun sets, the park transforms into a winter wonderland when thousands of lights twinkle all around.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best places to go sledding in Nebraska. They offer great views, varying terrains, and challenges for both beginners and experts alike. If you’re looking for a fun and adventurous way to enjoy winter and make memories with your family and friends, then grab your sleds and head out to one of these fantastic destinations. Don’t forget to wear warm layers and a hat and mittens to keep yourself comfortable. Stay safe and have fun sledding!

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