Nebraska’s Top Destinations For Train Enthusiasts

If you’re a train enthusiast, you’ll love Nebraska’s top destinations. The state that’s known for its rich farming soil and cornfields is also home to a rich history with trains. Here, you can visit train depots, hop on a steam train, and even catch a glimpse of modern trains moving along the tracks. In this article, we explore Nebraska’s top destinations for train enthusiasts.

The Durham Museum

Located in Omaha, The Durham Museum is a former Union Station that now houses exhibits on the history of transportation. You can take a guided tour of the museum’s exhibits and see the restored trains that once passed through the station’s tracks. You’ll see a working authentic train depot, vintage luggage carts, and even Union Pacific steam locomotives. The museum also features interactive displays, a model train layout, and train cars that you can explore.

The Golden Spike Tower

The Golden Spike Tower in North Platte offers an excellent view of the world’s largest classification rail yard. The tower is located next to Union Pacific’s world-renowned Bailey Yard, which is home to some of the longest trains in the world. Take the elevator 8 stories up to the tower’s observation deck, and you can watch trains move and shuffle cars from miles away. It’s an excellent place for train enthusiasts to see a well-oiled machine of the railroad industry.

Nebraska Railway Museum

The Nebraska Railway Museum in Fremont features a sizeable collection of railroad artifacts, including a working model train layout. You can take a ride on one of their vintage train cars that are pulled by a historic diesel engine. The museum also offers special events like train robberies and dinner trains that take you through the scenic countryside. The museum is a must-visit for train enthusiasts of all ages.

Harry A. Koch’s Railroad Museum

The Harry A. Koch’s Railroad Museum in Omaha offers an impressive array of train artifacts, including two Union Pacific steam locomotives. The museum has an interactive exhibit that simulates the workings of a steam engine and displays models of historic Nebraska depots. The museum is located next to the popular Lauritzen Gardens, which houses a special train exhibit each year during the holiday season.

The Cody Park Railroad Museum

Cody Park in North Platte features a railway museum that exhibits Union Pacific locomotives, which range from steam to modern diesel. The museum has a model railroad layout that is sure to delight train enthusiasts of all ages. The park also has a train ride that takes visitors through its beautiful ecosystem and lets you enjoy the scenic beauty of the park.


Nebraska’s top destinations for train enthusiasts offer something for everyone. You can visit museums, take guided tours, or hop on a train ride. From vintage steam engines to modern diesel locomotives, Nebraska’s train culture is one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just getting started, these destinations are sure to delight and inspire your love of trains.

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